ALONE IN A GROUP – Collaboration in the Virtual Classroom

Most of us have worked on a committee or in a group to complete projects for work, school and in our communities. We have all experienced the anxiety that comes from knowing there will be people in a group who do more than their share, less than their share, or prevent others from doing any share at all. If you have ever been part a group either by choice or appointment, you know it is often the group that is the real challenge – the assignment to be completed may be simple in comparison. Now throw in the complications of limited communication and accessibility. What do you do to overcome all of these obstacles?

According to Dr. Haycock presentation, some of the necessary ingredients are in the dynamics of the group itself. Whether you are part of a committee, club, class group, team or partnered randomly makes a huge difference when it comes to the functions (or dysfunctions) ahead. Haycock focused his PowerPoint on TEAMS and in my experience this is the best possible sort of group a person can participate in. As Haycock and Irwin point out, a team is a group of individuals with some independence and authority to complete a task or reach a certain goal. There is usually a commitment and a common approach. Teams normally don’t carry the same personality struggles and lack of motivation sometimes found in groups with a leader or supervisor in the mix. A team will often act like water – it finds its own level. Mutual accountability and clear goals and responsibilities contribute to a balance in teams that often leads to great collaboration and results everyone involved can be enthusiastic about.


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  1. ryepubliclibrary
    Aug 23, 2012 @ 07:24:49

    Nicely phrased, and spot on! -Lisa

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