Collaborating on a Makerspace!

For those of you who think maybe you cannot have a great makerspace in your school library…. THINK AGAIN!

One of the outcomes for my branches requires me to partner with local schools in some way. This is something that could potentially be very time consuming for me as a single librarian serving two communities. I’ve made a strategic choice in deciding that my primary branch will offer more services to schools than my secondary one where I only spend one day a week. Ideally, I would love to treat both equally, but realistically, scheduling tours and offering even passive programs in a small branch where there’s typically only one person (and short hours) is too demanding on me and my team. Instead, my secondary branch will partner with local schools by helping media specialists with their goals and projects.

For now, I’m highlighting one way that I’ve begun working on this. When I was first hired, almost 10 months ago, one of the ways that I tried getting…

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lauren hohls photography

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