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Digital Literacy? Try Wordle!

How do you explain what digital literacy is or what it means to use visual text? Well, I spent a large part of my Friday attending and presenting at a workshop for a literacy organization here in Ventura County (of which I am a member). Visual text is something I find fascinating and because of the rapid-fire development of so many technologies that relay on visual cues and displayed information, recognizing and discerning that visual information is a key component of the skills students need to succeed in and out of school.

Wordle is hard to describe, but lets just say it is sort of like taking information available in a traditional format (text) and putting it in a technology sauce pan and reducing it down to a concentrated demi-glace. The product is a visual representation of what you started with but the essence is displayed in a way that lets you savor the information in a whole new way. Bon appetit!

VCRA Information if you are curious:  The VCRA (Ventura County Reading Association) is a subsidiary of the California Reading Association. This group works hard to provide educational opportunities for teachers in the county to expand literacy and encourage thinking “outside the book.” is the website if you would like to learn more.


The Kite That Bridged Two Nations  This picture book for older readers that takes place in Niagara Falls in 1848 will be published by Calkins Creek in 2013.Alexis O’Neill

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lauren hohls photography

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